menoKnown for reasonably preserved coral reefs and quiet beaches, the gilis, especially Trawangan, has now developed into a modern holiday village, caters to both luxury seekers and backpaking hippies.

Gili Trawangan is the most developed of the three, with star rated hotels, bungalows and private villas, while preserving a reasonably natural and laid back atmosphere. Being the farthest from the mainland compared to its sisters (thus easier access for larger boat), Trawangan are also frequented by luxury yacht and catamarans from Bali. As the center of development for the area, Trawangan also host a number of diving outfits with their own training pool available for the first time divers to attain their shallow depth diving license and explore the beautiful reefs of the gilis.

Gili Meno clownfishhas always been known for the most quiet of the three with only few clusters of bungalows, which allows visitor the utmost privacy in its natural surrounding and highly preserved reefs. The smallest of the three, Gili Air are somewhere in the middle in terms of development with several bungalows and private villas. Being the closest to the mainland, Gili air also the easiest to get, and has the most population of local villagers.

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