For all practical purposes, Senggigi Beach is the traveller center and main base for visitor to Lombok and other parts of Nusa tenggara. The area are home to homestays and 5 star hotels, roadside foodstalls mingled with upscale bistros, artshops, pubs and everything else in between. If you are a creature of comfort, this is the most sensible choice to base all of your excursions to the further eastern corners of the lesser sunda islands.


The gold and grey sand beach strip is the main highlight of the area. Stunning sunset, which dipped behind Mt. Agung of Bali on its foreground, is a sight to behold. Being only 20 minutes drive from the provincial capital of West Nusa Tenggara, senggigi also frequented by local population, especially on weekends and national holidays.

Nestled on the western coast of lombok, this also mean it is easy to get from Bali by a 20 minutes flight to the main airport 15 km away, plus a plethora of sea shuttle services and scheduled public ferries.

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