Surfing spots in Nusa Tenggara are scattered on southern coast of Lombok and Sumbawa. Both islands offers world class surfs, which mostly located on the secluded beaches such as Bangko bangko on the southwestmost tip of Lombok, Ekas bay on southeast lombok, and world renown Hu'u and Lakey Beach in southern Sumbawa.

surf_bangkoAdditionally, Western Sumbawa has also several surf points which are also reasonably good and relatively easy to reach, especially since the area is now somewhat developed with the operation of Batuhijau goldmine owned by Newmont Corporation.

Most of these are scattered at somewhat remote coastal areas, reachable mostly by motorbikes or off-road vehicles. Naturally, like most unspoiled surfspots all over the world, simple huts accomodation is the norm, which most world harcore surfers undoubtedly accustomed for.

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